Business Interruption Insurance

It’s hard to imagine it happening to you, but there are any number of factors that could temporarily – or permanently – shut down your business operations. And less than 10% of businesses recover from this kind of loss if they are not properly insured. That’s why you need to make sure your business is protected.

What is Business Interruption cover?

Business Interruption Insurance covers you for a reduction in turnover following an insurable loss. It aims to reduce the disruption caused to your daily life and keep your business going through the difficult time.

When your business’ operations come to a halt because of an unexpected event, there are still many expenses you’ll need to pay including your employee wages, rent, any invoices, as well as many others. In these situations, NRIG are your trusted risk advisors who are here to help during these tough times.

Getting the right business interruption cover means your business will be protected against situations or events that could damage your business’ assets, employees, operations, and more.

Who’s at risk?

No business is too big or too small to suffer disruption. There are all kinds of associated costs when a business is forced to close down for a period of time. You may have to compensate employees, replace lost products, or rent a temporary premises.

At NRIG, we strive to find you the most appropriate and comprehensive business interruption insurance cover to protect your business. All types of businesses in different industries should invest in tailored business interruption cover, however, not all business interruption covers are made equal. NRIG are your dedicated risk advisors you can trust to provide professional and informative advice on your insurance options.

Why You Need Business Insurance?

You can’t control everything, and if something suddenly and drastically disrupts your business, it’s not just you who will suffer. You have to be able to look out for the interests of your staff too. This means you’ll be dealing with a wave of expenses upfront that may delay your business from getting up and running – or halt operations entirely. In the worst of situations, your business could face liquidation.

With business insurance, you’ll have a safety net for unexpected events that affect your business. At NRIG, we make sure you’ll be protected by a tailored business insurance policy that will carry you through toughest situations.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Unfortunately, nothing will eliminate your risk completely – so it’s important that you’re adequately covered in the event of the unexpected. The protection you need is dependent on your unique business, that’s why we work one-on-one with you to make sure you have the right coverage – so that your business can weather any storm. At NRIG, you’ll have a team of supportive and knowledgeable risk advisors who’ll deeply understand your business and industry needs.

NRIG's team of leading risk insurance professionals will compare and recommend the most beneficial business interruption insurance covers available to you. If you’re unsure on how to get insurance for your business that’ll provide the most value and cover when you need it, our risk advisors at NRIG will know how to help.

How Much Does Business Interruption Insurance Cost?

To get an accurate cost of business interruption insurance, we advise getting business interruption insurance quotes from the risk advisors at NRIG. Requesting a quote can be conveniently done online and you’ll have one of our expert insurance specialists at NRIG get in contact with you shortly after.

Your business’ interruption insurance costs will depend on your business’ size, type of operation, industry, number of employees, and more. Typically, business interruption insurance costs anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, however getting a tailored quote is ideal.

An important thing to consider is that lower costs may not always equate to great value, and it’s crucial to assess what exactly your business will be insured for in cases that will entirely halt and interrupt your business’ operations and services.


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