NRI Your Trusted Partner

The concept of trust is emerging as a defining value of the NRI group as it evolves to meet the changing needs of key stakeholders – rural suppliers, Shareholders and grower customers.

While many people
instinctively know how
integral trust is to any partnership, being confirmed by so many farmer customers of NRI Shareholders in our recent strategic communications project was reassuring.

Those results give your management team the confidence to develop NRI marketing and public relations programs around this core business value.

Trust is such a universally- appealing concept that it lends itself well to the marketing and branding challenges of the NRI group. It’s also a very campaign-able word.

For these reasons, NRI is incorporating the word trust into messages to key stakeholders.  

Your Trusted Partner is something NRI can strive to be in its relationships with key supply partners.

Trusted by Farmers is something NRI Shareholders can strive for in their bundling of quality products and services offered to farmers.

Your Trusted Advisor is something NRI agronomists and livestock technicians can strive to be when giving technical advice to crop and livestock producers.

The word trust also lends itself to more specialised market segments of the farm input market; Trusted by Vignerons, Trusted by Wool Producers and in the case of northern cattle segment, Trusted by Cattlemen and so on.

As this issue of New Retail Insights goes to print, I’m pleased to advise that NRI is set to launch a television campaign across temperate Australia, with Trusted by Farmers as the closing tagline. To capitalise on this investment, I encourage  Shareholders to also embrace the trust theme in their own regional promotions.

This month we welcome several new NRI Shareholders; NAS Agribusiness, Naracoorte, and Growers Supplies, Warooka, both in South Australia. We also welcome Corrigin AgSolutions in Western Australia and Complete Steel and Rural, Mudgee, in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales.

As the 15-year old NRI group passes another key milestone, your chairman, Neil Earl, reflects on the journey so far towards independent success for NRI Shareholders.

Elsewhere, we welcome three new staff to NRI and the NRIG business. We also remind Shareholders to book now for the next big joint trade exhibition coming up in Melbourne next February. Finally, I wish you all the best for the remainder of what’s been a rather turbulent 2016.

Grant McShane

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