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National Farmers Warehouse - Cecil Plains

48 Toowoomba Cecil Plains Road
Cecil Plains QLD 4407
07 4567 7001
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National Farmers Warehouse - Cecil Plains

Cecil Plains


National Farmers Warehouse (Pty Ltd) can trace its origins back 20 years to May 1997 when it began trading as Queensland Farmers Warehouse (QFW).

Efficient service, good agronomic advice and an extensive product range ensured that the business thrived and expanded.

Other Stores followed, firstly at Cecil Plains, then at Miles, when the group acquired Elite Agri services. Branches were than formed at Meandarra and Cottonvale. In 2009 a joint venture with Namoi Ag at Gunnedah required a name change and the group than became known as National Farmers Warehouse.


National Farmers Warehouse today has 6 stores which service the Broad acre cropping, cotton, and livestock industry which operate in south East Queensland and Northern NSW.

Our staff of 25 people are skilled in the supply and delivery of product required for today’s efficient farming industry. We have an active team of agronomists, which provide pasture and cropping advice to achieve the best possible yields.

We also have a qualified Vet on staff to provide valuable information to farmers to farmers to keep their livestock healthy and productive.


National Farmers Warehouse will continue to provide excellent service, a  broad product range and  advise on the products we sell.

NFW has proven to be a key innovator in the region we service and our staff are keenly aware of new developments in rural merchandise. We therefore can keep you well informed and abreast of new technologies coming through.

We look forward to helping you grow your farming business into the future.


“Buy where the Farmers Buy” National Farmers Warehouse.

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