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Seymour Ag Supplies


Seymour Ag Supplies
Seymour Ag Supplies is an independently owned and operatedbusiness – or more to the point – your Local Rural Independent store. We are a member of the NRI(National Rural Independents Ltd.) group – a similar like-minded group. This gives us access to a wide range of suppliers-not-used. Belonging to such a big industry group, we will be able to provide very competitive prices. We have products and solutions for all your farm needs.

Plenty of Parking Options!
High Street Car Park is complete giving customers convenient access to Seymour Ag Supplies.
Drive in access to the Seymour Ag yard is still available of course, for those picking up heavier supplies such as Fencing, Feeds,or Fertilisers.

We Can Handle Big Items!!
We were asked to get in some big concrete posts last week – Easy Drive 2.5 metre. Each weighed 205 kg. Our forklift just handled it but the unloading was an over-kill. I think you will agree!!

K-Line Irrigation
We have been doing a bit of work with Philmac and their K-Line irrigation system. It is an easy, inexpensive way to irrigate larger areas with a moveable system. K-Line system works off low pressure so the spray is softer and is less likely to cause compaction when sowing new pasture. It is easy to move and is very versatile. Best of all – it doesn’t require a big pump to run.
You may have noticed one set up on the western side of town on some newly planted Lucerne but this is one that was set up on a horse farm. It is the first of 4 to be set up.

About Us
Seymour Ag supplies will provide farmers with convenient access to a broad range of products and expert advice on sheep, cattle, pastures, crops, fencing, pets and rural merchandise.
Seymour Ag supplies is an independently owned and operated business. We are a member of the NRI (National Rural Independents Ltd.) group, which gives us access to a wide range of suppliers-not-used. Belonging to such a big industry group, we will be able to provide very competitive prices. We have products and solutions for all your farm needs.

Our product range covers all farming needs and includes:

  • Sheep
  • Cattle Pasture
  • Crop Fencing
  • Pet and Rural Merchandise

We supply quality products and service for prime lamb or wool producer. We can assist with all areas of stock management with drenches, sprays and vaccines and advice to help you maintain healthy livestock.

Cattle producers will find advice and products for stock and pasture management.
Our clients will find quality Animal Health products are available and all their livestock supplementary feed needs to maximise productivity.

Seymour Ag can help you achieve effective management of your pastures with expert advice and spray recommendations to help you control pest and disease to increase pasture productivity.
We can provide a pasture mix to suit your needs and advice on pasture preparation, sowing and fertilizer requirements

Agronomic advice is available in all areas of cropping. On-farm advice and demonstrations are available, if required.
We supply products for effective weed control and sprays to achieve maximum results.
We can help you with your seed requirements providing advice on the latest seed varieties to maximise productivity.

Farm fencing products will include both Gallagher and Southern Cross brands. Posts, fence wire, fencing tools, electric fence wire, and all fencing accessories will be available. All offer high quality and products that last.

A quality range of products comes to us from NRI membership. We carry a range of pet products at low prices. Products cover the areas of pet nutrition and health as well as bedding, apparel and general pet needs.

Rural Merchandise
Seymour Ag supplies will stock a good range of quality tools, hardware, clothing, safety products and all your general farm merchandise needs.

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