<p>Waratah don&rsquo;t just develop and manufacture premium fencing products, we provide fencing solutions.<br /> <br /> Waratah is the brand that can be trusted to not let you down. We have earned our reputation by developing innovative products to meet the needs of rural farming for 130 years. Quality raw materials and a proven manufacturing process are the reasons why a Waratah fence is a great investment.<br /> <br /> Our value is measured not in terms of price, but the premiums of long-lasting performance, ease of handling and savings on labour and maintenance costs</p>

<p>WELCOME TO WHITES RURAL<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Whites Rural is Whites&rsquo; specialist rural arm signifying a deep and long-term commitment to the fencing needs of rural Australia.</p> <p>Listening and responding to the needs of Australian farmers and fencing contractors for over 40 years, Whites is an Australian owned and operated family business with its roots strongly embedded in steel, wire and fencing products.</p> <p>Our long history of continuous improvement has yielded many new and unique product offerings, like Stockpost Ute Pack, always striving to provide greater value to farmers and fencing contractors in the rural market.</p> <p>Expect More from Whites Rural</p>

<p><strong>Southern Wire</strong> is a leading Australian owned and based manufacturer of security and rural fencing products. A focus on quality and innovation from the beginning has consolidated Southern Wire&rsquo;s place at the vanguard of fencing developments.</p> <p><strong>Security Fencing</strong><br /> At the forefront of manufacturing, safety and project management, Southern Wire is the preferred partner of major construction and civil companies for security fencing and guard rail installation.</p> <p><strong>Rural Fencing</strong><br /> Always looking for ways to make fencing easier, Southern Wire has the products required when fencing for livestock or vermin including fencing wire, netting, steel posts, gates, tools and more.</p>

<p>After ten years experience in the agricultural supply industry Dave Smith, started with the company in 1983 and has been General Manager for most of the time since.</p> <p>After developing a range of agricultural weighing systems and electric fence energisers, the company moved into the electric fence market in 1990 and has been Australia&#39;s most progressive agricultural weighing and electric fence company in both market growth and product development. This is due to the in house tooling and die manufacturing teams working alongside the team of electronic design engineers. This formula delivers the best level of compatibility for all product components with consistent quality at the most affordable price.</p> <p>As an Australian manufacturer, we understand the harsh environmental conditions which our products are subjected to. We have gained the knowledge to develop products that perform at a highly reliable standard even under these testing conditions.</p> <p>Our company, is totally committed to the research and development. This ensures continued product development and improvement in performance, enabling us to remain a leader within the industry.<br /> &nbsp;</p>

<p>Established in 1998, Rotech Rural is a national manufacturing, import and wholesale business specialising in the provision of a complete range of reputable, quality rural fencing hardware.</p> <p>We have established ourselves in the market through the popularity of our patented &ldquo;Staytight&rdquo; end assembly system and our unique range of hinges and latches.</p> <p>With modern distribution facilities that can deliver Australia wide, we are well positioned to continue our rapid growth.</p>

Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Australia is Australia s most comprehensive wood manufacturing, distribution and sales business. We manufacture amongst other things particleboard, Mouldings, Flooring, LPM, LVL, Plywood as well as treated and untreated timber and decorative wood products.

The CHH Woodproducts business in Australia comprises 15 manufacturing sites, and 8 distribution/admin sales centres in Australia. With approximately 2,500 staff CHH Woodproducts Group of Companies benefits from the significant energy, commitment and talent of its people, maximising the benefits of a strong asset base, excellent national footprint and leading market position.

CHH Woodproducts Australia Group of Companies services both domestic and export markets. Our strong domestic position is also complemented by by an important and significant export business to Japan, Middle East and South East Asian markets. The business is underpinned by a strong set of values, from the absolute commitment to safety to the key accountability of delivering what we promise.

<p>Gallagher Australia has an impressive portfolio of world class products focused on animal management and business security systems. Gallagher Animal Management Systems are the market leader in electric fencing and animal weigh systems. Our comprehensive range of portable and permanent electric fencing products provide cost effective, durable fencing for every farm. Whilst our weigh systems drive farm profitability through animal recording, weigh bars, NLIS Readers and stock handling equipment. Gallagher Security Management Systems are world leaders in Perimeter Security Fencing and Detection Systems. Gallagher PowerFence, Security Fencing systems are installed to meet Australian Standards 3016 and 3129 and the even more stringent Gallagher Code of Practice. The range of Insens and Tuatwire detection systems are unique, cost effective solutions that can be used on any perimeter application. To buy Gallagher equipment is to buy a complete package of product, service and support.</p>

<p>At Datamars, we believe information is the way to a better, more sustainable world.<br /> We are dedicated to encouraging the use of data to help customers make more sense of what they do and find better ways of doing it.</p> <p>To make better, more profitable decisions.<br /> To reduce their impact on the environment.<br /> To advance their quality of life.</p> <p>How do we make a measurable difference? For some, this comes from measuring individual animal performance to maximise animal wellbeing and commercial value. For others it&rsquo;s from meeting the health needs and achieving the productive potential of each animal through highly targeted health treatments. For yet others it&rsquo;s in technology that allows a straying companion animal to be quickly reunited with its human family. And if you&rsquo;re in the textile service industry it&rsquo;s likely to be in advanced asset management technology for more efficient production and better customer service.</p>

<p>Next time you&rsquo;re working in the garden, or just passing by the garden shed, take a minute to have a look at the tools you have and who made them. With 100 years of history in Australia we wouldn&rsquo;t mind betting that more than one or two of them are branded &lsquo;Cyclone&rsquo;.</p> <p>The reason our tools populate Australian garden sheds and tradesman&rsquo;s trailers from Hobart to Darwin is simple...they last!</p> <p>Every one of our quality Cyclone garden tools have been designed and created for a specific task and we are proud to say there aren&rsquo;t many gardening and landscaping tasks, both domestic and commercial, that we haven&rsquo;t got covered.</p> <p>Cyclone tools are tough and after hundreds of hour&rsquo;s work, take on that &lsquo;comfortable&rsquo; and &lsquo;familiar&rsquo; feel of a good mate - they are not easily parted with and usually only change hands after being handed down to the next generation.</p> <p>Cyclone&rsquo;s commitment to gardening doesn&rsquo;t end with tools. We also have a solid range of hoses, hose accessories and landscaping products.</p> <p>If you&rsquo;ve ever experienced the annoyance and frustration of conventional hoses knotting and twisting, you&rsquo;ve probably wished for a better solution. So did Cyclone. We wanted hoses that lasted in the harsh Australian sun, hoses that could withstand tough working conditions and high water pressures. So we created a range to suit every situation and every pocket.</p> <p>Complementing our hoses is a range of quality hose fittings from a humble &lsquo;hose to tap connector&rsquo;, click-tested 1.5million times, to a sophisticated water tap timer that allows up to 6 daily water cycles.</p> <p>Whether you&rsquo;re landscaping, watering, maintaining your garden, protecting your gutters or even your windows with insect screening, Cyclone has a product that has been manufactured tough, rigorously tested, treated to withstand the test of time and supplied with a guarantee that reflects our commitment to everyone working outdoors.</p>

<p>GalMAX Fencing is a premium range of heavily galvanised fencing specially designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian rural landscape. Manufactured in Australia, GalMAX Fencing fully complies with Australian Standards AS2423-2002. GalMAX Fencing heavily galvanised wire products have up to 5 times coating thickness than that of standard galvanised wires and all GalMAX Fencing products are presented with quality and highly-visible labelling.</p>

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