<p>Manufacturing and supplying crop protection and specialty chemicals world-wide by providing solutions to optimize farm productivity for the farmer through innovative and cost-effective products to provide the customer with better value for money.</p>

<p>Victorian Chemical Company is a manufacturer and marketer of specialty agricultural and industrial oleo-chemicals. Established in 1933 near the centre of Melbourne, Australia, the company has built a world-wide reputation for the development and supply of innovative and customised products. In the early years, Victorian Chemicals concentrated on serving the textile and tanning industries that were booming in the inner city.</p> <p>During the 1980&#39;s several other agricultural products were developed including Bloat control Products for cattle and Insecticidal spray oils for Horticulture. During the 1990s development work focused on adjuvants for Broadacre applications. HASTEN&trade; is the key product to be commercialised from this work that is now distributed in many countries.</p> <p>Into the new millennium, Victorian Chemicals remains committed to providing our customers with high performing, environmentally responsible products by utilising the skills, knowledge and experience of our staff.</p>

<p>SST Australia is a significant supplier of adjuvants and spray additives to the agricultural and turf industries throughout Australia and New Zealand. Adjuvants are added to pesticide sprays to assist in the safe and efficient application and performance of those products when used to control weeds, insects and fungal pests. Specialty turf products are applied to sports playing surfaces and managed turf areas to improve turf health and vigor by assisting infiltration of water and nutrients. SST Australia Pty Ltd has marketing and manufacturing operations in Australia and New Zealand and sells more than 70 products into these countries and to parts of South East Asia.</p>

<p>Sumitomo Chemical Australia was established in 1998 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Co, Japan. We work to develop, register and market products for crop protection, household insecticides, environmental health and professional pest control for use in Australia and New Zealand. We have a team of eight sales and technical support staff based in key agricultural production regions of Australia with particular focus on horticulture and cotton production. Our head office, in Sydney houses our customer service, marketing, product development and regulatory staff.</p> <p>We have a strong track record of innovation and for developing new and novel products for Australian farmers and for general household pest control. Our range of products includes:</p> <ul> <li>Conventional agricultural chemicals including insecticides, herbicides and fungicides</li> <li>Biological insecticides for use in crop pest management and mosquito larvae control</li> <li>Plant growth regulators for improving crop productivity and fruit quality</li> <li>Specialized products for use in household insecticides and invasive ant control</li> <li>Products for use in turf and the home garden.</li> </ul>

<p>Syngenta is one of the world s leading companies with more than 25,000 employees in over 90 countries dedicated to our purpose: Bringing plant potential to life. Through world-class science, global reach and commitment to our customers we help to increase crop productivity, protect the environment and improve health and quality of life.</p>

<p>Sonic Essentials specialises in the manufacture and distribution of high analysis suspension concentrates.&nbsp; In collaboration with universities and independent research organisations it continues to seek out and identify enhanced and innovative ways to deliver essential crop and soil nutrients. &nbsp;&nbsp;Through focused provision of essential nutrients Sonic Essentials aims to deliver benefits to growers and consumers. &nbsp;Sonic Essentials is internationally recognised and is a regarded advocate for improved crop nutrition to impact crop quality, yield and improve human health outcomes.</p> <p>Sonic Essentials products are manufactured in Australia within world class facilities. The major facility is uniquely equipped with specialised milling equipment to produce ultrafine and nano-sized particles.</p> <p>Sonic Essentials is constantly evolving to best meet the needs of its customers. &nbsp;Its continual improvement model always assesses product performance and market suitability; builds on its outstanding technical support and customer service and is seeking out the best options for packaging and transport to reduce its impact on the environment.</p> <p>Established in 2007 Sonic Essentials is an Australian owned and operated business with a global market.&nbsp; Its products are sold into Australia, Asia, South and central America.&nbsp; The highly valued relationships Sonic Essentials holds with growers, distributors and researchers in Australia and around the world are the foundations the company has been built on and the reason it continues to grow.</p>

<p>Sabakem are an exciting part of the changing Crop Protection market within the Australian Agricultural scene. As international markets open and the Australian agricultural market adapts to new ways of sourcing chemistry competitively. Sabakem was established in 2011 leads the way as a supplier partner of choice of many key distributors within Australia.</p> <p>Sabakem brings its partners one step closer to the source of the technical supply, having direct access to the power of its partner Binnong Technology CO Ltd located in Shandong province, China and their strong local relationship. Binnong is a leading crop protection manufacturer in China with more than 30 basic technical compounds in the Herbicide, Insecticide and Fungicide segments.</p> <p>Sabakem is a highly experienced team and is committed to delivering a difference to its partners through solutions that embrace its core values.&nbsp;<br /> &bull; Integrity.<br /> &bull; Compliance.<br /> &bull; Entrepreneurship.<br /> &bull; Knowledge.<br /> &bull; Partnership &amp; Customer Focus.<br /> &bull; Operational Excellence<br /> &bull; Respect</p>

SACOA Pty Ltd is a leading developer and supplier of spray oils and adjuvants in Australia. Since our inception in 1991 we have grown to become an international Australian-owned company supported by active partnerships with world-leading manufacturers and research and development groups.

Assured Quality and Service
As a committed industry leader SACOA delivers a range of assurances and services to our reseller clients including QA production facilities, ongoing research programs and extensive marketing support via data packages, brochures, guides, manuals and presentations - available in print and online.

Sustainable Farming Focus
Conscious of the importance of sustainable farming practices, SACOA offer a range of products perfectly suited to use in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs. These products provide unique benefits for IPM and sustainable farming over traditional chemistry such as:

Innovative, Reliable Solutions
Beyond their sustainable farming benefits, our range of spray oil and adjuvant products provide reliable and economically proven solutions for modern farming's many challenges, such as:

<p>Sinochem Australia are a manufacturer and supplier of agricultural crop protection chemicals into the Australian and New Zealand agricultural markets. We are focused on delivering chemistry pivotal to Australian agriculture, across all major broadacre cropping segments which bolster resistance management stewardship for the sustainable use of agricultural chemicals. With a focus on being dynamic and customer focused, Sinochem Australia aims to constantly discover new and efficient ways of doing business and finding innovative alternatives to the status quo. Working closely with Australian agricultural retailers to distribute Roundup</p>

<p>Sinon Australia supplies quality crop protection products to Australian farmers through a trusted network of rural resellers. As a company we pride ourselves on a rapid, flexible approach tailored to the needs of growers and resellers in the Australian agrochemical market. Our global parent, Sinon, has been operating for more than sixty years and their guiding principles of innovation and growth are philosophies we share. Our tried and tested products are controlled and manufactured within global headquarters under a state-of-the-art quality control program. And with more than twenty-five crop protection products and plans for new active ingredients and biologicals, Sinon Australia offers a quality alternative for effective crop protection.</p>

<p>Sipcam Australia s parent company, Sipcam Oxon, is a large, privately-owned chemical manufacturing company based in Milan, northern Italy. It was founded in 1946 with a charter to become a commercial link between chemical research and the expanding requirements of agricultural markets worldwide.&nbsp;</p> <p>Today, the Sipcam Group is a global leader in the manufacture of generic farm chemistry. It is one of the world&#39;s largest makers of Atrazine, Simazine, Prometryn and chlorothalonil and is a basic manufacturer of several other key molecules sold into rural Australia including Trifluralin. Central to all companies of the Sipcam Group are several core values that define the company and the way its people conduct business across the globe.&nbsp;</p> <p>Sipcam strives to employ highly dynamic people, clearly focused on building quality relationships with customers and business partners. The attributes of flexibility and modesty are also nurtured and rewarded within the Group, helping its people develop empathy for customers and a deep understanding of their individual needs.</p>

<p>PCT International was founded in 1997 in Arizona, with modest beginnings in a small office with four (4) desks. Founder Steve Youtsey had a vision for creating &ldquo;Innovation for the Last Mile.&rdquo; Since its founding, that vision has played a crucial role in the broadband coaxial and fiber optic cable industry, with PCT leading the pack in product design and manufacturing.</p> <p>Over the past 20 years, PCT has developed a full line of patented products that serves &ldquo;The Last Mile&rdquo; &mdash; that final segment of fiber optic or coaxial cable system for signal transmission leading in and out of neighborhoods and business districts through major trunk lines and dropping into the end-user&rsquo;s business or home.</p> <p>PCT has brought these inventions and ground-breaking products through a visionary and intentional plan of growth and innovation.</p>

<p>No matter what pest you re having problems with, whether its spiders, rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice, termites, flies or anything else, Protect-us offers you superior pest control solutions. Our tailored packaging designs and sizes make our products as easy to handle as possible, in quantities and volumes that are affordable and practical. With innovations such as our Tip n Measure containers, there is no need for you to measure product volumes in a separate measuring jug prior to mixing, you simply tip, measure and pour. The Protect-us difference is that you receive full support and backing for all our products from a technical team, experienced in the field of pest management, people who not only know the products but more importantly, how to use them to get the best results.</p>

<p>Nufarm Limited is one of the world s leading crop protection companies. We produce products to help farmers protect their crops against damage caused by weeds, pests and disease. With manufacturing and marketing operations based in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the Americas, Nufarm employs more than 2,600 people, all of whom make a vital contribution to the company s reputation for quality products, innovation and first class marketing and technical support. Proudly based in Australia, Nufarm is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (symbol NUF). Its head office is located at Laverton in Melbourne.</p>

<p>Melpat International Pty Ltd was established in 1991 by Hamish Turner, and is an Australian-owned and operated family business. We are very proud of the Melpat product range, as we have paid particular attention to the quality of our products. All our products are manufactured only from the highest quality raw materials, and are supported with a strong R&amp;D program. Regular testing of competitive products are conducted by independent parties to ensure our products are AT LEAST equal to (if not superior to) similar products on the market. ALL Melpat products are low in heavy metal impurities and dioxins, and are guaranteed to have been manufactured to the highest standards. Our products are consistent in quality from batch-to-batch, year after year. Melpat are based in Perth (Western Australia), and our products are sold through a large number of distribution outlets throughout the country. To find out your nearest distributor, please click on the link below.</p>

<p>Our products are guaranteed to perform when used as directed or your product is replaced. Kenso Agcare produces and distributes a wide range of quality crop protection products for use in Australian farming systems. As a division of Kenso Corporation, we have over 30 years experience in agricultural chemical manufacture and formulation. From our three modern production sites we are able to efficiently cater to the seasonal demand peaks of the Australian market. We also have a dedicated product development and quality control chemistry team which provides the capability to design robust product formulations for Australian conditions. In line with our motto &quot;Better Crop Production for a Growing Population&quot;&nbsp;Kenso has the vision of being recognised as a world class supplier of crop protection products for Australian growers.</p>

<p>Grevillia Ag are silage specialists and have, over many years, developed leading edge technology to assist in the making of quality silage. Grevillia Ag continues to assess agricultural technology to identify areas with potential for improvement. Our aim is to supply leading-edge solutions by improving existing technologies and introducing new answers. To this end, we have also developed a range of Crop Protection products that utilise our in-house expertise in bacteria and adjuvant technology.</p>

<p><strong>Company Overview:</strong><br /> Established in 1981, Imtrade Australia Pty&nbsp;Ltd is a fully Australian owned Manufacturing and Research and Development company specialising in Agricultural Chemicals. We are a privately owned business operating independently without affiliation to any multi-national company or large Australian industry player thus giving us the flexibility in the direction we take and are unhindered by the bureaucracy of our corporate counterparts.<br /> <br /> <strong>Our Vision:</strong><br /> Imtrade Australia&#39;s vision is to be recognised as the leaders and innovators in solution provision and supply partnerships for the agriculture industry in Australasia.<br /> <br /> <strong>Manufacturing Capability:</strong><br /> Imtrade Australia has an established custom-built plant facility in Kwinana WA capable of formulating various agricultural chemicals for the market including customized blends or products for our different clients. Our facilities and resources include:<br /> <br /> Process Vessels with capacities up to 26,000 L/batch, capable of mixing various blends and suspension concentrates.</p> <p>Staff of qualified chemists in manufacturing and operational areas.</p> <p>Chemical production capacity of 9MM Litres/year.<br /> <br /> <strong>Research and Development:</strong><br /> We are predominantly self-sufficient in our R&amp;D program, exploiting a well resourced laboratory facility at our Kwinana manufacturing site. Our resources include:<br /> <br /> Full-time staff qualified chemists and laboratory technician.</p> <p>Modern instrumentation equipment&nbsp;Fourier Transform infra-red spectrophotometer (FTIR), Gas Chromatograph (GC), Mass Spectrophotometer (GC-MS), High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) and Karl-Fischer titrator (KF).</p> <p>Substantial investment on a bank of more than 100 certified reference standards for agricultural actives and impurities.</p> <p>Product development and registration of TGAC actives.<br /> <br /> <strong>Drive for Innovation:</strong><br /> Imtrade Australia continues to break new ground in the industry by delivering the worlds first highest loading liquid glyphosate herbicide. The international patent for this new product was published earlier this year and it is now undergoing assessment and registration by the APVMA. Registration is expected to be completed in the next 6 months. The new product offers 625grams/litre of the active ingredient versus the current benchmark of 540grams/litre, and it was the culmination of five years of intensive work at the companies&nbsp;Kwinana laboratory in WA.<br /> <br /> The higher loading formulation promises reduced volumes of the product as well as packaging, labelling, transport and other logistics, which will be warmly welcomed by the industry.<br /> <br /> <strong>Broad Product Range:</strong><br /> Imtrade Australia is one of the largest agricultural product registrant holder in Australia. Imtrade is well advanced with investigation of another two novel herbicides and a range of alternative, high loading pesticide and plant growth regulators increasing the number of registrations significantly.</p>

<p>Grain Protect specialises in providing advice and grain treatment services to organisations handling and storing grain.</p> <p>Grain Protect staff have the experience, expertise and capacity to supply grain storage advice and inputs to both the on-farm storage sector and larger grain accumulation businesses. The business offers on-farm fumigation services, as well as equipment and input supply, servicing the needs of both farmer and commercial clients. Grain Protect is located in Ballarat in South West Victoria and is currently servicing clients across Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

<p>Since its inception in America in 1883, FMC has become one of the leading global chemical companies serving the agriculture and pest control with innovative solutions, applications and quality products. We take pride in the fact that through our use of advanced technologies and R&amp;D programs, we</p>

<p>DE SANGOSSE is an international player in the supply of crop protection, plant nutrition, seeds and pest control products.</p> <p>Our mission is to promote the implementation of more competitive agricultural technologies that are environmentally friendly, safe for users and use less water and energy with a view to addressing food issues, climate risks and environmental challenges.</p> <p>The business plan of DE SANGOSSE integrates the 3 pillars of sustainable development: Economic, Social and Environmental.</p> <p>DE SANGOSSE aims to create value for its customers by innovating and by offering product solutions with a high level of expertise.</p>

<p>Conquest Crop Protection specialises in the supply of high quality crop protection products. Over seventy proven products are supplied to broadacre and horticultural markets nationally across Australia.</p> <p>Conquest is managed by professionals with extensive experience in the industry including manufacturing, supply chain management, distribution, product formulation and agronomy.</p> <p>Conquest products are manufactured by highly reputable partners. Formulators are selected based on technical expertise, adherence to stringent quality control procedures and their capacity to contribute towards innovation, through research and development.</p> <p>Technical expertise from Conquest is used in partnership with our formulation partners to develop and field test products for the Australian market and Australian conditions.</p> <p>Our philosophy is to fully utilise the expertise of our people and our chosen partners, by delivering quality products without compromising on the high standards that we set.</p>

<p>Corteva (formally know as Dow AgroSciences) understands that maintaining a healthy environment and species biodiversity facilitates intelligent, sustainable farming:</p> <ul> <li>Products and new agronomic practices are continuously evaluated at our research farms at Breeza in New South Wales and Clare in South Australia. These farms have been crucial to the development of products for Australian agriculture.</li> <li>Many products are formulated at the Dow AgroSciences plant in New Plymouth, New Zealand. The plant is AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 certified for its quality system.</li> </ul> <p>Corteva combines the power of science and technology with the Human Element to constantly improve what is essential to human progress.</p> <p>Corteva has a broad portfolio of agricultural crop protection chemicals including herbicides, insecticides, fumigants and fungicides.</p> <p>A diverse portfolio of herbicides provides weed management for production crops. This helps farmers increase yields by reducing weed competition in their crops.</p> <p>A wide range of insecticides from Corteva is helping customers in more than 100 agricultural markets around the world. These products protect crops such as cereals, corn and cotton, as well as a variety of fruits and vegetables from insects which can destroy yield.</p> <p>Our fumigants make it possible to prevent insect damage in certain crops before and after they are harvested.</p> <p>Our fungicides provide plant disease management by controlling pathogens in vegetables, fruits, vines, field, and specialty crops.</p> <p>Corteva is committed to sustainable chemistry and has a competitive advantage in our natural products discovery capability. We ve won the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, presented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on behalf of the President, for the development of several new products or active ingredients. This prestigious award recognizes technical innovation incorporating green chemistry principles into chemical design, manufacture and use.</p> <p><strong>Biological Solutions</strong><br /> Our biological solutions business is committed to providing solutions that will improve crop production and deliver improved agricultural outputs for a multitude of food and feed uses. We believe that developing solutions through biotechnology is vital to ensure an adequate food supply for the world s population - expected to grow 40 percent to 9.1 billion - in the next 50 years. The following platforms illustrate the potential of biological solutions.</p> <p><strong>Agronomic Seeds and Traits</strong><br /> Corteva announced the formation of a global alliance with the Government of Victoria, Australia, for crop innovation. The agreement will establish a significant collaborative R&amp;|D effort between the Victorian Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and Corteva and is the largest international agricultural biotechnology alliance undertaken by the Victorian Government to date.</p> <p><strong>Healthy Oils</strong><br /> Corteva Healthy Oils platform works with output traits that improve plant components, resulting in more nutritious and healthy products that benefit farmers, food processors and consumers.</p> <p>Corteva uses conventional breeding techniques and tools of biotechnology to produce oils that are low in saturated fat and trans fat free. Our Omega-9 oils are ideal alternatives to artery-clogging oils with saturated trans fat in commercial applications for healthy foods. They deliver outstanding performance attributes, have the lowest content of saturated fat of all vegetable oils and are trans fat free.</p> <p><strong>Animal Health</strong><br /> We are exploring opportunities in plant-cell-produced vaccines and antibodies for use in animal disease prevention. These efforts could also improve food safety by reducing disease-causing bacteria in livestock.</p> <p>In Australia, Corteva provides innovative technologies for cereals, cotton, rice, fruit and vegetables, horticulture, viticulture, pastures, rights-of-way and woody weed control, seeds, traits, and agricultural biotechnology to serve the world s growing population.</p>

<p>Welcome to Australian Adjuvants Pty Ltd, an Australian owned entity that has been established with the objective of manufacturing and supplying Australian farmers with &ldquo;The best adjuvant Technology&rdquo;.</p> <p>The Australian Adjuvants team combines a wide range of relevant experience and capabilities which will ensure the continued achievement of the company&rsquo;s objective.</p>

<p>AxiChem Pty Ltd is a supplier of Crop Protection Products including Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides to the Broadacre, Horticultural, Sugarcane and Cotton Industries.</p> <p>AxiChem is proud to be an Australian Family owned and operated business servicing the Independent Australian Rural Reseller network.</p> <p>Through the Australian Rural Reseller network, our aim is to become the Supplier of Choice for the commodity Herbicide, Fungicide and Insecticide markets.</p> <p>AxiChem products include Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides for most cropping situations.</p> <p>Production of High Quality, Low Cost Crop Protection Chemicals is our goal.</p> <p>Passionately committed to Sourcing, Manufacture and Delivery of a High Performance Product and Service to support Australian Farmers.</p> <p>We proudly use Australian Formulation sites, which enable us to offer Quality Controlled Products to the Australian Farmer.</p> <p>We have our own laboratory which enables us to test every product we make in house ensuring we only ever supply a quality product to our customers.</p> <p>Manufacturing facilities in Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne.</p> <p>Warehouse facilities and offices in Brisbane and Perth.</p> <p>Many years of experience in the Australian Agriculture Industry.</p>

<p>Bayer CropScience was established in Australia in August 2002 after Bayer Crop Protection &amp;ndash| a pioneer in crop protection since 1892 &amp;ndash| acquired Aventis CropScience, one of the world&amp;rsquo|s leading forces in crop protection, environmental science and bioscience. Thanks to our heritage, and Australian farmers&amp;rsquo| heritage of innovation, Bayer CropScience has a strong local presence, with extensive and impressive product offerings in insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and seed treatments. We have pioneered many of the most important advances in crop protection and offer what is arguably the most comprehensive list of crop protection and production products in Australia.</p>

<p>BASF is the world&amp;rsquo|s leading chemical company: The Chemical Company. With more than 110,000 employees, six Verbund sites and a production network of more than 330 sites, we serve customers in almost all countries. Our portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products and crop protection products to oil and gas. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.</p> <p>Through science and innovation we enable our customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of society. Our products and solutions contribute to conserving resources, ensuring nutrition and improving quality of life. We have summed up this contribution in our corporate purpose: We create chemistry for a sustainable future.</p>

<p>Barmac Pty Ltd was established in 1955 in the state of Queensland, Australia. The company was formed to service a number of markets in the agricultural and urban pest control arenas by formulating a wide range of commodity and specialty plant protection and pest control products. The company also developed a range of fertilizers and pesticides targeting the golf course and bowling club markets as well other areas of amenity horticulture. The founders of the company, Mr Garth Barnes and Mr Len McGrath saw a need for a company which would develop high quality products for some of the smaller / niche areas of the chemical industry, focusing on innovation and service. While Barnes and McGrath are no longer involved in the organisation, the Barmac brand name is still associated with high quality and innovative products and in our industries we have an extremely high level of brand recognition in all states of Australia.</p>

<p>Alphakem s owner and founder is Bruce Dawson who holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Degree from the University of Sydney and has 25 years experience in crop protection chemistry. Bruce has spent the past 15 years specializing in the spray additive market segment. Alphakem is unique in that its owner Bruce Dawson also functions as the principal technical sales person for the company and spends much of his time running spray additive training sessions with both farmers and agronomists for his customers. In the spray additive market segment, Alphakem s mission is to provide all of its customers with:- Reliable product quality Reliable product supply Competitive pricing The largest range of products A level of exclusivity Professional marketing support The best product knowledge and training Regular product innovation Friendly, efficient, responsive and flexible customer serviced</p>

<p>Agro Alliance (Australia) Pty Ltd is an innovative company established to facilitate the supply of agri chemical products to Australian farmers and in so doing, help those farmers to maximize the productivity of their operations. Mainly provides fertilizer, glyphosate, trifluralin, paraquat and herbicide.</p> <p>Agro Alliance has been created to act as the link between a select group of manufacturers and formulators in China and our Australian client base.</p> <p>Our mission is to provide a level of professionalism and reliability of service not matched by our competitors and to become expert listeners and expert doers and thus create valuable alliances within the agri chemical industry in Australia.</p> <p>Agro Alliance brings to the market a real &amp;ldquo|can-do&amp;rdquo| attitude and an open mind that encourages business innovation and flexibility.</p> <p>Besides our strong herbicides (Glypohosate, Trifluralin, Paraquat etc) and Organic Fertilizer, Agro-Alliance currently offer a selection of the more significant and important agri chemical formulations and will continue to bring new and innovative products to the market as we grow and develop our relationships with the key industry sectors.</p> <p>Agro Alliance...your link to profitability</p>

<p>Animal Control Technologies is a specialist manufacturer of broadacre vertebrate pest control solutions. Through environmentally focused research and development, we have developed a target specific range of products to assist land managers and the agricultural sector in tackling their large-scale vertebrate pest problems.<br /> <br /> We do not provide direct contracting services for pest control, however we provide products to a large number of contractors who can provide this service.</p>

<p>For over 25 years Agrichem has been recognised as the pioneering market leader in the field of fluid-fertilisers, specialty crop-protection products and nutrition application technologies.</p>

<p>AgNova Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian company that sources, develops and distributes speciality agricultural chemical products.</p> <p>Consolidation of manufacturers has seen a reduction of focus on minor crop segments and third party products. New technologies from smaller manufacturers do not have ready access to the Australian market.</p> <p>AgNova Technologies is well positioned to develop niche and speciality products in the Australian market.</p> <p>Commercialisation of new products and opportunities is our core business focus from the original concept through Development, Registration, Marketing and Sales.</p> <p>Our product range encompasses fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and several other unique and proprietary products for sunburn protection, decontamination and nutrition. Further research is being conducted with other active ingredients that are of interest in a range of agricultural and horticultural industries.</p>

<p>ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd., is the leading off-patent crop protection solutions company in the world.</p> <p>The Company&#39;s comprehensive range of high-quality, differentiated and effective herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, help farmers worldwide to increase yields by preventing or controlling weeds, insects and disease that harm their crops.</p> <p>With one of the world&#39;s most extensive and diversified off-patent product portfolios, ADAMA sells its products in more than 120 countries, with revenues of over $3 billion in 2013.</p> <p>ADAMA&#39;s purpose is Creating Simplicity in Agriculture and triving to provide farmers accessible, easy-to-use solutions that simplify their lives and improve their crop yields.</p>

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