<p>Thompson &amp; Redwood (T&amp;R) is a stockfeed manufacturer in Perth, centrally situated to Western Australia&rsquo;s grain regions. Our Upper Swan stockfeed plant has been operating since 1985 and produces over 90 different product lines for the Australian and export animal industries. These include steam rolled grains, gristed and whole grains, mueslis and pelletised products, as well as an extensive range of birdseed mixes. With 30 staff, two grain storages in the Wheatbelt and three mills across WA, we&rsquo;re able to yield over 50,000 tonnes of grain and seed each year.</p>

<p>TRAC PERFORMANCE MINERALS&nbsp;or&nbsp;TPM<br /> as it is commonly referred to, is an extension of&nbsp;TOTAL RESULT AG CONSULTING,<br /> a family owned business operating in Millicent, South Australia.</p> <p><br /> The founders, Tom and Rebecca Thorn, both have an extensive understanding of the Australian Livestock Industry with a practical/hands-on work history. From dairy farm hands to owner operators of a 400-cow family farm, they move from a practical portfolio to over 30 year combined experience at an executive level in the field of farm business management and nutrition services specializing in large herd nutrition, financial analysis and business management consulting.</p> <p><br /> It is from this base an extensive knowledge of ruminant animals and mineral supplements optimising uptake of key nutritional requirements was developed and saw the need to expand the business to a wider spectrum of the livestock industry.</p> <p><br /> So after 3 years finessing the industry with their second to none consulting service,<br /> TRAC Performance Minerals&nbsp;was formed in 2009 offering not only second to none consulting service but now quality, dependable and performance based minerals supplements for the dairy, beef &amp; sheep markets.</p> <p>For all your nutritional support queries or for more information on the consulting services available from our parent company&nbsp;TOTAL RESULT AG CONSULTING,<br /> please&nbsp;<a data-content="https://www.totalresult.com.au" data-type="external" href="https://www.totalresult.com.au/" rel="undefined" target="_blank">click here</a>&nbsp;for more information.<br /> &nbsp;</p>

<p>Ridley&rsquo;s 20 sites across Australia produce in the vicinity of 1.9 million tonnes a year of finished feeds and feed ingredients. These feeds improve the health, wellbeing and performance of animals in Australia&rsquo;s dairy, poultry, pig, beef, horse, sheep, laboratory, pet food, aquaculture and lifestyle industries.</p> <p>Every product we sell is backed by our investment in:</p> <ul> <li>A dedicated team of qualified animal nutritionists who are recognised as leaders in their respective fields, and have over 75 years of combined experience in formulating animal feeds.</li> <li>A professional group of buyers who source grains and other raw materials and ingredients from Australian farmers.</li> <li>Regular testing of grains, materials and ingredients to meet our exacting standards.</li> <li>Modern manufacturing facilities with strict quality standards.</li> <li>Systems designed to ensure orders are delivered in full, on time, every time and within specification.</li> <li>Friendly, knowledgeable field and customer service teams that offer ongoing support, from answering questions to resolving problems quickly and efficiently.</li> <li>Research and Development (R&amp;D) that keeps us at the forefront of new trends in animal nutrition and science.</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Ridley Corporation employs nearly 700 people across regional Australia. We are committed to investing in the development and training of all our people, and as the largest employer in many remote communities, to building the skills base in those areas.</p> <p>We share a strong sense of responsibility with the communities we serve. We don&rsquo;t just measure success in financial terms, but also in how we achieve it. Our involvement with community involves sponsorships that support the next generation of people who are passionate about animals and the land. We are also proud partners of Aussie Helpers and The Garvan Institute of Medical Research.</p>

<p>Rivalea is one of Australia s leading integrated agri-food companies. The company operates across a number of sites that include farming, processing and distribution. A unique, highly integrated production, processing and distribution system enables Rivalea to offer not only a range of premium pork products and brands, but also an extensive range of animal nutrition products for livestock producers and intensive livestock production technology and consultancy services. As a leading employer in the region, the company offers career opportunities across a range of vocations and industries| from grain production and farming, to stockfeed manufacturing, pig farming, meat processing, sales, marketing and distribution. Other roles within Human Resources, Research and Innovation, Finance, Quality and Maintainence are also critical to our successful operations.</p>

<p>ProviCo is known for its range of innovative products that deliver health and performance benefits for infant and production animals.</p> <p>ProviCo is Australia&rsquo;s largest supplier of milk replacers and its flagship ProfeLAC brand is sold nationwide.</p> <p>ProviCo is the Australian distributor of PERFORMANCE PROBIOTICS.</p>

<p>We&rsquo;ve been in business in Australia since 1888. Here are some major milestones along the way:<br /> &nbsp;<br /> 1878: Olaus Olsson arrives in Melbourne from a small town called Dals Langed in Sweden. Over the next five years, he makes his way to Parramatta, NSW<br /> <br /> 1888: Olaus opens a grocery store in Parramatta<br /> &nbsp;<br /> 1906: Olaus and his sons begin delivering blocks of ice to homes in Western Sydney<br /> &nbsp;<br /> 1948: Olsson Industries was formed by Norman Olsson (Olaus&rsquo;s youngest son) and his two sons, Charles and Malcolm as a direct result of numerous requests from graziers for someone to produce supplements to meet the nutritional needs of their sheep and cattle during the severe drought that started in 1947 and continued until 1952.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> 1957: Charles and Norman buy Pacific Salt, their first salt works located in Warooka, Yorke Peninsular, South Australia<br /> &nbsp;<br /> 1968: Charles and Malcolm take over the lease of the salt works from BHP north of Whyalla, Eyre Peninsular, South Australia<br /> &nbsp;<br /> 1983: Charles, Malcolm and their cousin Don Olsson commence building a new solar sea salt plant in Port Alma (near Rockhampton) QLD. It takes 5 years to complete the works<br /> &nbsp;<br /> 1988: Charles Olsson becomes the sole managing director of Olsson Pacific<br /> &nbsp;<br /> 2012: Olsson&rsquo;s Sea Salt proudly launched their sea salt flakes with great success in the Australian gourmet community (currently used in Quay, The Bridge Room, Bennelong, Firedoor, Aria, Bather&rsquo;s Pavilion, Pilu Freshwater, Shangri-la hotels, Intercontinental Hotels, The European, &nbsp;Dinner By Heston, Pope Joan, Tonka, Coda, Africola, Vintners, Gerard&rsquo;s Bistro, Bucci, Bistro 2, Huxtable, etc)<br /> &nbsp;<br /> 2013: Launch of Olsson&rsquo;s macrobiotic sea salt and the much anticipated Black Truffle Salt at the end of the truffle season (September)<br /> &nbsp;<br /> 2015: Word gets out that the Olsson&rsquo;s Smoked salt (72 hours on Red Gum) is almost market ready<br /> <br /> 2016: Olsson&#39;s Smoked Salt launches!</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>MaxCare &ndash; The BENCHMARK in milk replacers.</strong></p> <p>MaxCare calf milk replacer (CMR) products have been developed specifically for the dairy industry, using the highest quality ingredients. Good calf nutrition builds a strong foundation for healthy growth and development for your individual animals, your herd and our industry. Choose from our Essential, Premium or Ultimate calf products for different levels of performance depending on the particular needs of your animals. We also have our MaxCare Lamb &amp; Kid milk replacer which is suitable for infant sheep and goats.</p>

<p>Our Australian business began when we started selling the iconic MARS<sup>&reg;</sup> bar here in 1954, followed by the launch of PAL<sup>&reg;</sup> and WHISKAS<sup>&reg;</sup> in 1965. We built our first factory in Wodonga, Victoria in 1966, and since then we have grown significantly, across the four segments of our business. Today, we have six manufacturing sites across Australia and New Zealand, and employ more than 2,000 Associates .</p> <p>With a turnover exceeding $1 billion , we are one of Australia&#39;s leading consumer brands companies, supplying local and export customers with high quality Food, Petcare, Chocolate, Gum and Confectionery products.</p> <p>Although most of our sales are in Australia and New Zealand, we export to more than 30 countries around the world.</p> <p>Whether it&#39;s the simple pleasure of savouring the world&#39;s best-loved chocolate and confectionery, the warmth that a healthy and contented pet brings to your family, or the rewards that come from creating fantastic tastes in your own home, Mars is the company behind many of the enduring brands Australians and New Zealanders (or Pacific consumers) have come to know and trust.</p>

<p>At Purina, it s no secret that pets are our passion. It drives everything we do. In fact, our commitment to dogs, cats and their owners has made us a world leader in pet care and we re pretty proud of that. So, take a minute to explore our site and share in our passion for all things cats and dogs. We re sure you ll find plenty of useful stuff that will ensure life for you and your furry companion remains happier than ever.</p>

<p>Laucke Mills is a family owned stock feed and pet food manufacturer situated in South Australia s famous Barossa Valley. Established in 1899, Laucke Mills is one of Australia&#39;s oldest milling companies.</p>

<p>Hypro Petcare formerly known as Hypro (Aust), was established in 1998 where its primary focus was to produce quality stockfeeds for rural farmers. Following the steady growth and capabilities of Hypro Petcare, the company was approached in 2002 - 2005 to produce pet food as a contract manufacturer for a much larger firm.<br /> <br /> Over the years, Hypro Petcare progressed with its animal feed performance due to greater nutritional information and technological know-how from dedicated research and development. The year 2006 was a special milestone for Hypro Petcare as it developed a unique recipe for pet food along with a new company vision, and as a result, a strategic management decision was made to launch its own brand Dogpro into the Australian rural market. Being cautious Hypro Petcare converted this product in pellet form and the company has now become one of the largest producers of premium dry dog food with its mega value brand Dogpro . Following this success, in 2009 Hypro Petcare invested heavily into new technologies to support its manufacturing facilities with the outcome of launching two new brands for the rural market sector Dogpro Plus and Catpro Plus , along with two supermarket lines Dogpro Complete Nutrition and Adore Complete Nutrition.<br /> <br /> Hypro Petcare possesses an aggressive innovation plan for its products. Our Superior Greyhound Nutrition is a perfect example where Hypro Petcare is determined to fulfill the needs of a niche market - greyhound racing. Superior Greyhound Nutrition is used and endorsed by Wheeler Greyhound Kennels, Australia s largest and most respected greyhound breeder with over 600 greyhounds. Hypro Petcare is about supporting the people of the pet community and we continue to invest in proprietary technology to differentiate our brands by producing outstanding premium products, yet at an affordable price keeping the consumer in mind.<br /> <br /> Hypro Petcare today, is a proud Australian company offering a diversity of products, showcasing an impressive platform of growth opportunities through continual expansion in operations and innovative projects.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

<p>4 Season Company Pty Ltd has been proudly supplying Animal Nutrition Products to Rural Stores across Australia since 1997, owned by Managing Director Charles (Chick) Olsson.</p> <p>Since these early days, 4 Season has expanded to a new factory at Crestmead, south side of Brisbane, to meet the growing demands of rural stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. Primarily supplying a range of dry feed supplement blocks, high demand now has 4 Season including a wide range of products such as salt blocks and molasses blocks to our constantly growing range of products.</p> <p>4 Season continuously develops products that are being sought by rural Australia and New Zealand. Our range of 100kg blocks grows to meet the needs of the large stock owners, whilst the range of 20kg and 25kg blocks suit the smaller land holdings. For individual property needs, 4 Season works with scientists to identify pasture deficiencies and will develop the most appropriate mix of supplements to feed stock.</p>

<p>Farm Balance is an Australian owned Company, operated by the Somerville Family since 1990. The company manufactures a wide range of vitamin and mineral supplements for livestocks. The Somerville Family operates four commercial dairy farms milking around 1,800 cows. They are also pioneers in lot feeding lambs, with an average turnover of 50,000.</p>

<p>CopRice is the animal food division of Ricegrowers Ltd trading as SunRice. SunRice is one of the largest rice food companies in the world and one of Australia s leading branded food exporters CopRice has been manufacturing high quality extruded and pelleted feeds for animals for over 30 years through feed mills located in Leeton (NSW), Tongala and Cobden (VIC). CopRice is a leading supplier of animal nutrition products to the companion animal and livestock sectors. The range of pelleted and extruded feeds is formulated using the latest Nutritional research to ensure the best results for your animal. CopRice is committed to safety, quality and continuous improvement. We take pride in our quality excellence by maintaining accreditation under international standards for quality and food safety management systems.</p>

<p>AusPac Ingredients Pty Ltd is a business formed in 2005.</p>

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