<p>Wilchem formulates and manufactures micro-nutrients for all broadacre cropping applications and distributes these products via a specialist dealer network throughout South Australia and Victoria. Distribution is in bulk or in a variety of pack sizes to suit individual requirements. Wilchem also undertakes third party Toll Manufacturing of biological and organic crop nutrition products for specialist distributors across Southern Australia cropping regions.</p> <p>Established in 1992 by Brenton Wilhelm and Janet Coburn, both directors have comprehensive experience in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors. We understand the vagaries of agriculture, the unpredictability of weather systems and the needs of Australian farmers. We are unbending in our commitment to quality, yet flexible in our approach to markets, partners and opportunities.</p>

<p>Spraygro Liquid Fertilizers manufacture a wide range of NPK Liquid Fertilizers, specializing in Trace Elements to correct/maximise plant growth. Our Head Office and manufacturing plant is in the suburb of Gillman, which is located in the city of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, Australia. Spraygro Liquid Fertilizers began in the 1980 s, when leading farmers and government agricultural extension officers realised the benefit of applying Trace Elements. Crops deficient in certain elements could be rapidly and efficently corrected in the same growing season by applying Spraygro Liquid Fertilizer Trace Elements as foliar application to crops.</p>

<p>Redox markets a range of close to 1,000 different organic and inorganic raw materials, sourced from leading manufacturers throughout the world. Our products are supplied to 140 different industries throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the United States. Whatever your chemical, ingredient or raw material need, Redox can help.</p> <p>Our dedicated team of more than 300 employees operate from eleven sales offices across the region, with more than 50 convenient storage locations. Redox is well placed to source and supply an extensive range of chemical products. Let us be an integral part of your sourcing strategy. Starting as a small trader of speciality products in 1965, Redox has grown to become one of the largest privately owned chemical raw material importers and distributors in the Asia Pacific region.</p>

<p>The Rutec brand , founded by Dr David Miskle, has been a major part of the liquid nutrient industry since 1972 and is the oldest Australian manufacturer in this field.</p> <p>Rutec is Australian owned and managed by people who have a close affinity with the farming community and have a real understanding of the needs of Australian farmers, the soils they work, the crops they grow and the pressures they face in an increasingly difficult global market.</p> <p>Quality products and sound, honest technical advice have enabled Rutec to build the solid reputation in the liquid nutrient industry of which it is extremely proud.</p> <p>All products are supplied from the Rutec production plant in Tamworth, New South Wales and transported through a very efficient network to agricultural outlets throughout Australia.</p> <p>Rutec supplies a wide range of products covering the needs of all crops in all cropping areas of Australia and can manufacture custom blends in response to market or customer requirements.</p> <p>The Rutec brand stands for QUALITY PRODUCTS, SOUND TECHNICAL ADVICE and GOOD SERVICE.</p>

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