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Next time you’re working in the garden, or just passing by the garden shed, take a minute to have a look at the tools you have and who made them. With 100 years of history in Australia we wouldn’t mind betting that more than one or two of them are branded ‘Cyclone’.

The reason our tools populate Australian garden sheds and tradesman’s trailers from Hobart to Darwin is simple...they last!

Every one of our quality Cyclone garden tools have been designed and created for a specific task and we are proud to say there aren’t many gardening and landscaping tasks, both domestic and commercial, that we haven’t got covered.

Cyclone tools are tough and after hundreds of hour’s work, take on that ‘comfortable’ and ‘familiar’ feel of a good mate - they are not easily parted with and usually only change hands after being handed down to the next generation.

Cyclone’s commitment to gardening doesn’t end with tools. We also have a solid range of hoses, hose accessories and landscaping products.

If you’ve ever experienced the annoyance and frustration of conventional hoses knotting and twisting, you’ve probably wished for a better solution. So did Cyclone. We wanted hoses that lasted in the harsh Australian sun, hoses that could withstand tough working conditions and high water pressures. So we created a range to suit every situation and every pocket.

Complementing our hoses is a range of quality hose fittings from a humble ‘hose to tap connector’, click-tested 1.5million times, to a sophisticated water tap timer that allows up to 6 daily water cycles.

Whether you’re landscaping, watering, maintaining your garden, protecting your gutters or even your windows with insect screening, Cyclone has a product that has been manufactured tough, rigorously tested, treated to withstand the test of time and supplied with a guarantee that reflects our commitment to everyone working outdoors.

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